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A Comprehensive Solution for Website Design and Hosting

Web design is the same (in a very simplistic) to the traditional print edition. Each page is a container to display information, like a book, and each Web page that the page in a book. But web design uses a framework based on the numerical code and display technology to build and maintain an environment to distribute information in multiple formats.

DIGICUBE offers a content management website with efficient and easy to use control. It allows you to add new web pages to your website and/or modify existing information. The solution is so easy to use, requires no programming knowledge or complex computer languages.

The process of designing web pages, websites, web applications or multimedia for the Web can use several different disciplines, such as animation, creation, communication design, visual identity, graphic design, human-computer interaction, the information architecture, interaction design, marketing, photography, search engine optimization and typography.

Taken to its full potential, Web design is undoubtedly the most sophisticated methods and more complex to support communication in the world today.

Web design is the ability to create presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) comes to an end user via the World Wide Web using a Web browser or other Web-enabled client software such as Internet TV, microblogging clients and RSS readers.

Web sites and pages can be static pages or dynamic pages can be programmed to automatically adapt the content or layout, depending on many factors, such as end-user input, the contribution to the Webmaster, or changes in environments (such as 'access to the site to the database have been changed). Increasingly specialized in communication design and information technology sectors have a strong tendency to draw a clear line of web design, in particular, websites and web development for the general logistics of all web-based services.

VPS Server Backups Policy

Digicube is providing hosting solutions on VPS servers. Due to the nature of VPS and dedicated servers, DIGICUBE does not provide any sort of backup solution by default. It is up to you, the client, to maintain proper backups of your own data.

For VPS accounts, we highly recommend the purchase of a remote FTP storage account to configure your server to take backups locally and then FTP them to the remote storage space. Should anything happen to your VPS account, the remote backups would remain intact and available to yourself as well as to our Technical Support team. Apart from this measure, we also recommend that you maintain at least 1 copy of your data on your local home and/or office machine for improved data redundancy and disaster recovery.

For Business Email Solutions, we highly recommend to configure and sync all your VPS webmail email accounts with your Device's default email client access tools like Outlook, Thunderbird etc or any best email clients (or even splashing out for a premium account) which will make managing all your accounts and keeping them separate considerably more organized, making it less likely that a vital email will slip through unnoticed. You can also either opt for a Third Party Business Email Solutions from Gsuite, Yahoo, Net4india or Zoho to meet your business email requirements. If hardware failure and email data loss occur, you are responsible for data restoration.

DIGICUBE shall not be liable for loss of data under any circumstance. If you choose to enable backups on your local disk or VPS partition, the space the backups take will count towards your total usable space on that disk. Should that disk fail, be hacked, or otherwise become corrupt, DIGICUBE will not be held liable for lack of backups of your data.

Your data is the backbone of your business and we urge you to take the best precautions in securing that data. Please contact our technical team if you have any questions. We will provide the suitable options for backups at an additional applicable cost.

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